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Kitchen equipment configuration knowledge and layout principles

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Kitchen equipment layout principles:
1, in line with the requirements of the fire environment:
(1) food and utensils production, storage should be separated from raw and cooked, separated, and clean the dirt from hot and cold.
(2) fuel, gas pressure regulation, switch station and operation area are separated, and equipped with the corresponding fire facilities.
(3) is higher than 300 DEG C pipeline with combustible crude from more than 0.5M.
(4) the fume exhaust without purification must be higher than the highest building near 0.5M.
2, should make full use of the original equipment, facilities, terrain, so that each partition has a reasonable space, wide field of vision, smooth and convenient management corridor.
3, should be fully aware of the user established dishes, all arrangements, layout are based on this.
Two, engineering design must grasp first-hand information
1, the user established dishes and the maximum number of meals, which is the main basis for the design of the layout, according to this can determine the main equipment, quantity, type.
2, the user can supply energy: such as boiler steam, diesel, gas type, power supply (220V/380V)
3, kitchen plane structure, size and space height chart.
4, the user's basic requirements: such as pipeline, sewage outlet, fan positioning, etc..
5, the side of the user to understand the investment situation.
Three, kitchen division of the work area, function, the configuration of the main equipment 1, standard Chinese restaurant work is divided into:
(1) operating area: according to the configuration layout and kitchen equipment, some can also be divided into the red area, cooking area, baking operation area, its function is established to meet the requirements of cuisine, cooking process.
(2) rough machining area: its function is to pick the leaves, roots, stems, fish birth, early processing.
(3) finishing with: its function is to make rough food restructuring, the deployment for cuisine requirements.
(4) white area: its function is flour foods blending, pressing, craft pattern, assorted cold dishes etc..
(5) cold spell area: its function is not heated directly edible food, opening the bottle, cut, paste up, assorted cold dishes etc..
(6) decontamination area: its function is to wash the dishes, disinfection, storage.
(7) cold storage area: for raw and cooked food.
(8) warehouse area: for rice, flour and other perishable food storage.
2, the Chinese restaurant partition of the main equipment configuration:
(1) the operating area for Cantonese style kitchen, cooking the dishes and cooking process with meat (baked) and fire and four kinds of fried braised meat and cooking process, the emphasis on the operating area, the necessary equipment are: fried stove, steam oven, oven, oven, rice rolls soup shorties, Roasted Suckling Pig furnace furnace Roasted Duck, stove, cooker or steamer, steam steaming cabinet. The Sichuan style kitchen, cooking craft the main dishes to stir and simmer, steamed to supplement, the operating area of the necessary equipment are: powerful blast fried stove, pot furnace, steam oven or steam cabinet shorties furnace.
Four, kitchen equipment layout heating equipment and quantity estimate:
The first condition 1, kitchen layout is to meet the requirements of the cooking process, to avoid the cold and hot cross, cleaning and dirt to cross, each work area nearby operation.
2, to fully understand the kitchen space, flat terrain, heating equipment layout orientation, should strive to ensure that the exhaust fumes, fresh air system, bending, short distance, easy to install.
3, engineering design of the main equipment quantity estimate:
(1) range: A. to catering primarily in restaurants or tea restaurant fire number = restaurant table number /5 B. to zero off the main Sichuan meal meal number /40-50 C. = number of fire forces, fire number = the number of meals school stove number /200-300 = /100
(2) steaming cabinet, steam cabinet furnace: single steaming cabinet for 250-300 people who need food or 100-150 steamed dishes, three layer steam cabinet furnace for 50-100 required steamed or 30-50 staple food.
(3) other heating equipment: under normal circumstances, the following 200 Chinese restaurants in other heating equipment should not be more than 2 units / species.

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