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Central kitchen to achieve stable operation of the food and beverage industry to optimize the production standards

Number of visits: Date:2017-02-08
This is a small catering times, high rental costs, high labor costs, high energy costs, food costs continue to rise. In this context, the central kitchen can absorb and transform the price factor, in order to maintain the profitability of catering enterprises, enhance the margin of space, has become a new source of profit. Is the central kitchen advantage: Food and beverage production plant operations, standardization, catering development trend reflects the factory group procurement, standardized operation, intensive production, distribution, professional operation, scientific management.
How to bring the central kitchen restaurant revenue"
1 standardized production: raw materials into a unified processing of semi-finished products, uniform curing, unified formula, to solve the product instability, the difference of human factors.
2 intensive production: saving human resources, such as: a store needs to be normal with 6 cut, the 3 dishes, in the central kitchen under the distribution, only need to cut with 3, can save up to 6 labor costs.
3 group purchase: material procurement costs low quality assurance 5 stores Baotuan buy ingredients cheaper: a store in a single product ingredients squid every day needs 50 pounds, a pound of cheap 1 yuan a month is 1500 yuan, about 18000 yuan a year, this is a single product ingredients case.
4 professional operation: easy to file, is conducive to innovation. The central kitchen has a professional R & D team dishes grading reclaimer is more advantages such as small cock ingredients: chicken kidney together is a nourishing dishes: stewed chicken dangshen is priced at 68 yuan each waist.
5 maximize the use of property area: to reduce the area of the initial processing of the kitchen.
6 unified storage, personal management: food preservation quality is guaranteed, reducing investment in refrigeration equipment and electricity consumption.
7 Factory Distribution: every day in accordance with the requirements of the shop in the specified time to the required net material, semi-finished products, finished products to the various stores, both to ensure that fresh dishes, but also the shop to each other.
The central kitchen is an important means to realize the enterprise strategic management, is an important starting point for enterprise transformation and upgrading, is now on the distribution of the primary stage of the gradual transition to the foreign distribution, eventually developed into a 24-hour distribution of food factory. Achieve food shop operation stability through the central kitchen, optimization of production standards, the chain restaurant management will achieve innovation product, stable production, mass production pursuit; through raw material semi-finished products to finished products, but also to the central kitchen chain stores, product innovation produced stable, batch produced to provide logistics support and protection.