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Small and medium kitchen equipment enterprises lack of competitiveness in the period of flexible

Number of visits: Date:2017-02-08
With the development of domestic and foreign markets, the development environment of kitchen equipment industry is becoming more and more serious. Due to rising prices of raw materials and labor costs, kitchen market competition is becoming increasingly fierce, into the era of low profit is the trend. "The market as a battlefield", in order to live in this war without smoke, kitchen equipment companies not only to accurately understand the market trends, but also to find a way of survival and development in the trend.
Small and medium enterprises lack of competitiveness of kitchen equipment
Despite the rapid development of China's kitchen equipment industry, but due to the low barriers to entry, the majority of SMEs, kitchen equipment industry has always been the overall grade is not high, the domestic market is still less competitive. At present, with the adjustment of national policies, but also to make the original precarious kitchen equipment companies worse. In recent years, raw material prices, wages rose more than CPI, the foreign enterprise's oppression and aggravation of the market competition, let the loss cost advantage of small and medium sized kitchen equipment enterprises complain incessantly.
Kitchen equipment industry from profiteering to profit"
The kitchen equipment industry threshold is low, the family workshop production, such as seasonal production can be carried out, in the industry policy, the government has more control, micro enterprises can not register, can not receive taxes, to be developed to a certain scale to handle the relevant formalities. Although this reduces the resistance development of small and medium enterprises, but also for the day after leaving the market planning integration risks. From "profiteering" to "profit" transition, investment demand is not high, the family workshops enterprises blossom everywhere, have sprung up around the hardware production line. The excessive expansion of market led to disorderly competition among brands, in order to seize market share, interacting with other companies, has become a means of puerile.
In fact, the development of the kitchen equipment industry into the era of meager profit is no need to panic too much, just do what you should do at the moment will be able to stand firm. Because any industry has developed to a mature stage, will enter the era of meager profits, kitchen industry profiteering era has gone forever, companies need to do the corresponding countermeasures flexibility.