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Commercial kitchen equipment

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Commercial kitchen equipment concepts
Commercial kitchen equipment is suitable for hotels, restaurants, restaurant meals and so the drink water to moisten one's throat organs and units, schools, large site canteen kitchen equipment - nuok commercial electromagnetic oven.
The characteristics of commercial kitchen equipment it is all aspects of product varieties, specifications, power and capacity are much larger than household kitchen equipment, the price is relatively high, pay attention to the whole kitchen, relates to the stainless steel material has been used in all metal parts. It can be divided into five categories: kitchen equipment, ventilation equipment, conditioning equipment, mechanical equipment, refrigeration equipment insulation.
Commercial kitchen equipment category
Commercial kitchen equipment can be roughly divided into five categories: kitchen equipment, ventilation equipment, conditioning equipment, mechanical equipment, refrigeration equipment insulation.
Cooking equipment
At present, there are many natural gas or liquefied gas stoves. Among them, the most common products, double head single tail, double head double tail stove,
Double single tail fry stove, single tail range, double and single head low soup stove, single door, double door and three door steam cabinet. South Korea also used kitchen cooking equipment etc.. These gas equipment generally have to be tested before they can be used. With the development of the electromagnetic technology, there is a small part of the kitchen to start using the electromagnetic stove, green environmental protection, cost savings, will be the future development trend.
Exhaust ventilation equipment
In order to food hygiene and kitchen health, smoke exhaust system is essential for each kitchen facilities. Common equipment luxury hood, hydrovent
Stainless steel hydrovent, lampblack purifier, fan and other equipment, such equipment shall be installed according to the number of gas equipment and area estimates, more than 20% of the area must be larger than the gas equipment, in order to ensure the quality of the air. Health sector also has a special spot checks.
Conditioning equipment
Such a large number of equipment, the name is also a lot, there are so many kinds of: table shelf. Used to cut vegetables, vegetables, rice and so on.
Stainless steel conditioning equipment have used to the operating table, rice dish rack, 3-5 layer frame, face table, pool and other equipment, stainless steel products.
Mechanical equipment
Here are mainly used in a number of small machinery category of equipment, the more commonly used products are slicing machine, mixer, and noodle machine, noodle machine,
Food machinery
Soybean Milk machine, coffee machine, ice machine and other products, many of these machinery brand type, function is also uneven, usually according to the grade of the kitchen need to be equipped.
Refrigeration insulation equipment
Five holding Taiwan
Platform and other equipment. Water heater is also essential equipment.
Commercial kitchen equipment maintenance
Stainless steel material is iron and nickel, manganese and other metal alloys, therefore, its maintenance should be done in the following areas:
1, the regular surface dirt wipe with a damp cloth, with a dry cloth.
2, avoid vinegar, wine and other liquid seasoning on the surface, once discovered, should rinse with water and dry.
3, do not always move back and forth stove, shelves, cooking machinery and other equipment, especially the use of sliding floor.
4, stainless steel stove should always check whether leakage fire.
5, like cooking machinery and machine, cutting machine, not lazy, to promptly clean.
Commercial kitchen equipment
1 kitchen accessories have sink, faucet, gas stove, lampblack machine, dishwasher, garbage cans, seasoning cabinet and so on, can buy their own or ask designers to purchase to consider.
2 kitchen utensils should be purchased quality, function, color and other factors. The product should be resistant, acid and alkali resistance, fire prevention, anti bacteria, anti static. The design should take into account the basic requirements of beauty, practicality and convenience.
Commercial kitchen equipment - design principles for commercial kitchen equipment
1, the principle of safety of commercial kitchen equipment design is the principle of safety, life safety, social security is the most important. To ensure the quality of the product design, commercial kitchen equipment should be considered in the design process in accordance with the principles of human safety in use, to avoid excessive sharp design, to protect the safety of people in the use of the process
The 2 principles of kitchen and humanization of the operation must have a reasonable process, in the design of kitchen equipment, can design various parts arranged in the correct process, convenient to use, after a very important. Then the hearth height, Diaogui position, directly affect the ease of use, to choose the hotel kitchen equipment conforms to the human engineering principle and operation procedure of the kitchen.
3, the principle of health of commercial kitchen equipment must have the ability to resist pollution, especially to prevent cockroaches and mice, ants and other contaminated food, in order to ensure the internal quality of the whole kitchen equipment.
4, the principle of fire prevention commercial kitchen equipment surface should have the ability to fire, regular kitchen equipment manufacturers production of kitchen equipment surface material all use non combustible, flame retardant materials.
The principle of commercial kitchen equipment 5, beautiful shape, color requires not only good to hear or see and have persistent, therefore, requires more easy anti contamination, good cleaning performance.
6, the principle of energy saving and environmental protection of commercial kitchen equipment fuel coal, is now commonly used fuel, steam, more environmentally friendly. In addition, the kitchen equipment itself products, such as professional kitchen equipment manufacturers of energy-saving stoves, most can achieve more than 30%-60%. Commercial kitchen equipment installation

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