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Some problems of smoke flow in commercial kitchen

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The main reasons of the problems in the kitchen ventilation, partly because the kitchen ventilation design process design professional and professional coordination is not enough, on the other hand, because of our lack of experience in kitchen design, the design is not reasonable.
Local exhaust parts and requirements
Chinese Kitchen: the amount of cooking heat and smoke emissions are generally larger, exhaust air is also larger, the exhaust hood is generally the use of hoods hood. In order to reduce the influence of smoke on the environment, we can choose the hood.
Cooking: the demand to fresh air is low, but the exhaust effect must be better, otherwise, the steam will fill the entire work, affect the chef, exhaust is the main water vapor, can be used to directly discharge and purification device.
Western Kitchen: cooking is not great, but requires more and more equipment, exhaust air is less than the Chinese kitchen.
Washing room: the need for larger exhaust air.
Kitchen air supply requirements
In the kitchen ventilation, to add a certain amount of fresh air, air supply should be based on the exhaust air 80%-90%. The kitchen is greater than 5Pa negative pressure value, due to excessive negative pressure, the furnace will wind down. Therefore, it is necessary to make the fan and exhaust fan have the possibility of speed regulation.
System layout
The air supply system should be DC, the ventilation system of the kitchen should adopt the variable speed fan or the associated fan.
Send vents arranged inside the kitchen inlets and outlets shall be arranged according to the specific location of cooking into consideration, don't let the exhaust of air jet to disrupt the stove through. When determining the outlet wind speed of the air outlet, the regional wind speed <0.25m/s is ideal when the distance is about 2m. The outlet should be arranged in the direction along the hood, leaving the front cover and the minimum 0.7m, the air outlet hood from far away. Each must have a post ventilation kitchen cooking.
Room, fan and duct of kitchen exhaust machine should be located in the kitchen of the upper part of the kitchen as part of a public building when the exhaust machine should be located on the roof layer, which can make the state of negative pressure in the air duct to avoid odor overflow.
The kitchen exhaust fan should be generally used centrifugal fan, kitchen exhaust pipe should be avoided as long as the horizontal air duct. Kitchen exhaust pipe should be avoided as long as the horizontal air duct. The kitchen exhaust shaft is best fitted with the exhaust duct to increase pumping capacity.
Fire and smoke
Kitchen exhaust system should be divided according to the fire area, as far as possible not to go through the firewall, should be installed through the fire valve.
The piping of the kitchen ventilation system shall be made of non combustible material.

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