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Kitchen equipment enterprises should pay attention to the development of products, the four core factors

Number of visits: Date:2017-02-08
The kitchen equipment industry after years of development, now has entered the stage of brand disputes, the products on the market dazzling a superb collection of beautiful things. With the choice of consumers more and more authority, shopping concept is also more rational, a kitchen products want to stand out in the market is not easy. Therefore, the kitchen equipment companies must focus on the four core elements of product training.
Unique design
"People rely on clothes horse saddle", in the kitchen equipment industry, design is the product of the "clothing" and "saddle". The reason why a company's kitchen products can be quickly recognized by consumers, first of all, it is necessary to mention its unique design. From the shape design, material selection, product features, etc., to the cultural connotation of the injection, remodeling the home atmosphere, kitchen products should be brought to consumers is more like a life experience.
Quality of inheritance
Remove the appearance, consumers value most is the quality of the products, after all, after all is the life of the kitchen appliances, rather than art. Quality is the most important factor to determine the long-term development of a brand, but also a test of the conscience of the enterprise. Now, the kitchen equipment is referred to as "profiteering industry" era, the economic slowdown in the environment, illegal enterprises in order to survive Jerry instead of being out of the market. And those who have a long history of the development of kitchen brands, because of the quality of its heritage, has accumulated a lot of second generation, the third generation of users, with the consumer's trust is still strong.
Brand building perfect
China's kitchen output value is higher, but in the world has a high reputation of the enterprise is very poor, and this is not because the product is not good, but the urgent need to build on the brand. At present, some of the domestic kitchen equipment enterprises, after the early accumulation, the formation of a certain brand reputation in the market, with the strengthening of corporate brand awareness, gradually known to the majority of consumers. Such as Optima, such as brand. China's kitchen industry as a whole brand awareness is still inadequate, but these well-known brands are taking action to guide the industry progress.
Enterprise culture connotation enrichment
With the development of the times, the consumer's vision is no longer limited to the material level, price and other material requirements of the level, but began to penetrate into the cultural connotation and other spiritual dimensions. In recent years, kitchen equipment industry integration, the market environment change constantly, competition mode already from a single price competition to marketing, sales channels, brand image and cultural connotation etc.. In this one, the cultural connotation of the enterprise from the mere impact on the development of their own products to the spread of sales, "selling culture" has become a new manifestation of the market.
The rise of a brand is not accidental, product and design is "hard" strength, brand and culture is "soft" strength. To be strong, the two are indispensable.